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      我們的服務能力 Our service ability

      • 完善的售后服務體系;
      • 各種易耗易損件庫存充裕;
      • 充足的技術及設備服務工程師;
      • 經驗豐富的模具技術工程師;
      • 北京總部、山東、江蘇、浙江、廣東均設有直屬的服務中心;
      • 配備常用備品備件以及機動車輛;
      • 保證所有客戶可在故障出現的24小時內即獲得我公司的專業服務;
      • Perfect after-sale service system;
      • All kinds of consumable parts inventory abundance;
      • Plenty of technology and equipment service engineers;
      • Experienced mold technical engineers;
      • Headquarters in Beijing, shandong, jiangsu, zhejiang and guangdong have directly under the service center;
      • Equipped with commonly used spare parts and motor vehicles;
      • Ensure that all customers can be in failure occurs within 24 hours that I company for professional services;

      技術優勢 technical advantage

      ① 豐富經驗的制品結構設計團隊,解決應對產品缺陷分析和防控設計;
      ② 專業的模具分析設計小組,解決應對模具優化改造、模具輔助制造;
      ③ 成熟的工業化裝備制造平臺,實現標準&非標裝備設計制造;
      ④ 完善的技術裝備服務體系,為客戶提供及時細致的全面支持。
      Our technical features and advantages:
      (1) the top products structure design team, should solve product defect analysis and control design;
      (2) professional mold analysis of the design team, auxiliary solve transformation in response to mould design, mould manufacturing;
      (3) the mature industrial equipment manufacturing platform, implement standard & non-standard equipment design and manufacturing;
      (4) perfect technical service system, to provide customers with timely and detailed comprehensive support.
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