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      水輔設備方案:HydrAIT Equipment plan

      英文-Water Assisted Injection Molding Technology,簡稱WAIM,是在氣體輔助注射成型基礎上發展起來的新技術,即用水來代替氣體輔助熔體流動充模,最后利用氣體或自重將水從制品空腔中排出的成型技術。
      English - Water Assisted Injection Molding Technology, referred to as "WAIM, is developed on the basis of gas-assisted Injection Molding Technology, namely Water instead of gas Assisted melt flow Molding, finally use gas or Water weight from products to remove the Molding Technology of the cavity.
      As early as the early 1970 s, some will be formed in the fluid injected into the melt polymer in the concept of tubular, which is then "water assisted injection molding technology (WIT).But this technology due to the presence of the gas assisted injection molding (GAIM) have been set aside and widely used.
      In recent years, because of gas assisted injection molding technology used in the exposed some shortcomings, people turn to take an interest in the research of water assisted injection molding technology.At present the research of the technology progress is very big, and has set up a commercial.
      Water assisted injection molding technology of the first commercial application was made in German SuloGmbH company all plastic shopping cart.This project began in 1998, it USES shulman PP material and PME company water assisted injection molding technology, to shape a has three of 20 to 60 mm diameter, length of 800-1500 - mm channel of the products.The PP material shopping cart with original gas assisted injection molding cycle need 280 s, and as long as water injection molding in 68 seconds.

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